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"Les Miserables" Revival French Cast of 1991 reuni

The 1991 French cast of 'Les Miserables' revival was reunited for a unique concert on May 11, 2009 in Paris. They performed 'Tu viens Ch�ri' (Lovely ladies) and 'Souviens-toi des jours pass�s'.

Performers: Laure Balon, Alexandre Bonstein, Rodolphe Briand, Didier Clusel, H�l�ne Cohen, Fabienne Elkoubi, Isabelle Ferron, Khemi Ferrey, Alyssa Landry, Renaud Marx, Dominique Nobles, J�r�me Pradon, Patrick Rocca, Cathy Sabroux, Barbara Scaff, Gilles Vajou and Vincent Vittoz


That was all they performed? What a shame!

Ah, come on, Tu viens cheri! is pretty much the best song ever.

It's an interesting choice, though. You'd expect some of the IDAD's and OMO's and other such abbreviatable choices. DYHTPS... AHFOL...
The Very Angry Woman

Who was Fantine (obviously not Louise Pitre)?

Dominique Nobles' outfit is, erm, memorable.
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