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24601 on my chest?

Hello there! I was just wondering what has been done about the 24601 that is ment to be branded on Jean Valjean's chest in any productions you've been in. Im doing my show next week and hadn't thought of how to do this yet, am i going to have to use marker (scared it wont come off, haha...) or what?

Any suggestions would be great!


Maybe a special tatoo, or stage makeup?

People toss the concept of permanent markers around all the time, but really? It'll come off, whatever it is. Unless you have the ink pumped into your skin by a needle. I don't have appointments and homework assignments still branded on my hand years after leaving high school.

And is it too late to convince you to just make a big black mark like they did on Broadway? I hate it when the musical implies Champmathieu had 24601 tattooed on his chest, wtf.
The Russian

This is probably too late, but....

Back then, prisoners weren't tattooed, they were branded. So the "brand upon his chest" is typically just a black rectangle that is generally placed just below the clavicle in the center of the chest.

The brand probably wouldn't be black in real life (the skin would be raised and look like a really bad burn), but for the stage it works pretty well.
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