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Advice on playing men?

So I don't know where else to post this... there doesn't seem to be a specific place to post about help once you're in a show.

But I just got cast as Feuilly (one of the ABC Society) in Les Mis. I'm a girl, and I've played guys before, but I was just wondering if, for those of you who have, or who just know some good tips/tricks, could give me any advice.

I'd just love to be as believable as possible and any little detail would help. Thanks in advance!

Fun! I'd say that you should observe men and see how they move around.
Orestes Fasting

Honestly? This might be TMI but if you want to get male body language down (especially walking/sitting/standing), take the Monstrous Regiment approach: roll up a sock and shove it in your underwear. You will instantly understand why men do not sit with their legs crossed.

There are lists all over the web for female-to-male transgender folk about how to pass as male; a lot of it will be stuff you don't need (like how to avoid the dreaded "cute girl with short hair" haircut or how to bind double-D breasts), but there are often useful sections on body language and mannerisms. Just google "FTM passing tips."

You might talk to the costume department about fake facial hair, too. Five o'clock shadow is easy, just take some black eyeshadow and apply it with a blush brush. Sideburns are a little more involved; I've made them successfully by taking hair from my hairbrush, chopping it up into little bristles, and gluing it on. I used hair gel, which was all I had at hand, to glue them, but you'll probably have access to spirit gum.

^ Very, very good advice.

I just want to say I commend you for actually putting the effort into actually trying to play a convincing guy. Nothing ticks me off more than girls cast in male roles who do virtually nothing to look like a man.

Thanks everyone! This is awesome advice. I actually got complemented by the director in front of everyone today, so I guess I'm doing pretty good. Embarassed Thanks!
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