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Bagnew's MIDI Files

Hi all
Decided in a moment of boredom today to copy the Score into Sibelius, and make MIDI Files! So far I've done the first 30 bars of One Day More (sans keyboards).
(Score I have is Reduced Orchestration)
If you want to listen, it's available at the below link.

That was neeeeat. The original orchestrations sound great...even in midi. Smile

I know the score like an old friend, so if you need any help or advice, let me know. I too have only been able to obtain the reduced orchestration which isn't bad at all, actually--they did a superb job adapting the original orchestration for a 17 piece orchestra. Still, if you or anyone else gets a hold of the 22 piece orchestral score, let me know. I know there is even a full set of Finale transcribed files all ready to be converted to midi. As convenient incredibly time-saving that would be, I'd much rather work with the score and not just transfer files, set instrument patches, and be done with it. I enjoy picking the score apart and throwing it all back together again. Mr. Green

In the meantime, I'm just filling in the missing parts by ear, which may or may not be 100% accurate, but it sounds about right.

I also recently got a hold of the original Yamaha DX7 keyboard patches used in the Broadway production and it's amazing the difference they make! They are the finishing touch to recreating that distinct Les Mis sound. It's glorious in all its 80's splendooooooor.

Oh, and an Eppie-bopper scolded me recently for taking so long doing "On My Own"--a song I promised would be completed like, 4 months ago. :S She really needed it and so I let her down. Serves her right! That'll teach her/it/him to actually expect results from me (aka: flake , lol). Twisted Evil

But ya, due to recent bopper wailings, I have been working on fast forward on said song. I will be blogging its progress on a yet to be published blog (when pigs grow wings, I'm sure).

The darn song was sequenced and mixed ages ago though. It's my nit-pickiness that's preventing its release. So I have to convince the voices in my head first, then it might make it out to other people's stereos within next millennia . XD

Btw...welcome to the Les Mis foruuummm!!!!1111!!!!! Shocked


That was very good. The original orchestrations are so much prettier than any other version!

Indeed, that was awesome. They should never have tempered with the original. I especially liked the original Enjolras part when he sings the line "One more day before the storm" and you can hear the chords going from C to C/E to F minor. Very Happy

3 minutes done! (60 Bars)

EDIT: Finished!

Wonderful work.

It seems to me that percussion is often a problem with most MIDI generated pieces.
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