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Best Les Mis Death

Because it's finals week and I have an uncontrollable urge to waste my time online.

This is inspired by SomeoneLikeYou's similar poll on the Sweeney Todd forum. Go by either the Brick or the musical, whichever you like. Very Happy

I'm definitely going with Enjolras (and Grantaire). In the novel, that is. I think Javert wins in the musical.

Purely going on the musical, although Enjolras and Javert are closely tied for second place, I just love love love the "Forgive me all my trespasses and take me to your glory" moment. It is one of my absolute favourite moments in any musical ever. I think it is completely amazing. So Valjean wins in my book Smile

I think Enjolras' death because his hanging from the barricade is so epic. But shocking-death wise, it is Gavroche's death for me.

Best in what way? Most epic or most touching?

Either one, or both.

For the novel, It's definitaly Enjolras and Grantaire. Their death's were epic, and really sucked you into the chapter.

For the musical I'll go with Javert, the emotional song, the staging, I love it.

Musical: Eponine. Sorry, A Little Fall of Rain is my favorite song.

Book: I'm gonna go with Enjolras and Grantaire. I don't know, its just kind of touching how Enjolras realizes that Grantaire was dedicated to him, Enjolras isn't so cold as marble anymore, and how Grantaire gladly dies beside someone who he always wanted to call a friend. I think its a nice friendship moment.

Javert is definantly up there though!

Fail. I fail.

Elbow wrote:

And that is my very intellectual review done.

so intellectual, the London Cast Change thread wasn't good enough!

YOU SAW NOTHING. Oops? I'm not tired. Nope not tired at all.

In the musical, Enjolras. His death scene itself is good, but nothing special. However, what makes it very, very memorable is the turn of the barriacade, and him hanging there. It is very theaterical, but very effective as well.

In the book, i think Valjean. After all that journey with him, there is a very strong sense of loss.

(Waving to all oldies, and saying hi to the newbies Smile )

Enjolras and Grantaire for the book, then probably Javert for the musical (depending on who's performing it *cough*).
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