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Colm Wilkinson on the Tudors

Colm as Lord Thomas Darcy on the latest season of the Tudors

Thought you'd guys like to see him in costume...

I'm actually really digging the fur on him...XD


I thought he was retired! This makes me happy!!!!

This made me giggle. And want to watch the Tudors.

Yeah there are other reasons to watch this show from Season 1. Sam Neil is one of them. The hot girl from Casanova is another.

I remember watching the episodes when he was on! He was very good. But the last scene he was in (well, part of him was in..) was weird. It creeped me out.

Just saw this now and I have to say that I'd watched TAC so many times that when Lord Darcy was killed and his head put on the pike (stick, whatever) I just about had a heart attack. I was like, "NO!! VALJEAN!!" and everyone just looked at me...
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