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l'ivrogne transfigur�

Epic epic epic commitment

Just wondering if anyone has come across this article?

It's written by Daniella Gibb about Les Mis. I didn't know she'd ever had to go on as Gavroche - I'd actually quite like to see that! Very Happy

It's rather telling that of the incidents she describes, most have been seen by one person or other on this forum. I (and Eppie-Sue and Madeleine I think) saw the wig debacle, and I know that at least Eppie-Sue saw the broken finger. Whoever says we see the show too much?! Cough.

She says some good things though:

Daniella Gibb wrote:
Swings are ... immensely talented people who can seamlessly replace someone who�s back injury has become too much or the poor victim of a stage punch that results in the mopping up of a bloody nose whilst lying next to a water cooler in the wings!

Glad to see they're appreciated!

Daniella Gibb wrote:
Les Miserables is an epic show full of epic music and emotions and it demands epic commitment from a performer.

She's sounding like some people I know ... Wink
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