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Eponine audition song?

My school is doing Les Mis and I want to audition for Eponine, auditions are in a few weeks and I am trying to come up with audition songs! My director requires two songs, one upbeat and one ballad, and they must both be from musicals. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated:)

Going to go with the most obvious - "As long as he needs me" from Oliver! as the ballad maybe? It IS an obvious choice, I don't know if there are any regulations to that, or disadvantages, I mean, you wouldn't audition on the West End with that song. (then again, Nancy Sullivan went with "On my own" for the "I'd do anything"-BBC-audition AFAIK.)

That's actually a good one, I may use it! I think it could work, and anyways, it's better than singing something from Wicked, it's not AS widely spread right now. Do you (or anyone else!) have any other suggestions/suggestions for an upbeat song?

I don't know anything about auditions, so I really have no idea what sort of songs do well for that sort of thing, so take this with a few grains of salt:

But if I'm thinking about great upbeat songs for a mezzo from musicals that aren't maybe that popular these days (and so might make for an interesting choice), what about something like "Can't help lovin' that man" from Showboat?

For uptempo, you could use "Gimme Gimme" from Throughly Modern Millie or "I enjoy Being a Girl" from the Flower Drum. They're sortof overdone, and only "Gimme Gimme" has any Eponine themes to it, but they're still uptempo and good for showing parts of the range needed for Eponine, since they're belting mezzo songs.

I have a friend who always sings "Matchmaker" from Fiddler on the Roof for auditions. So if you can find a solo version of that song, you could do that too.

Look on for more audtion song ideas

Hope this helps and good luck at the audition!

You could also try checking the Audition thread- I know we've had people asking for advice about auditioning for Eponine on there before and there is lots of advice about audition songs there.
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