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Eponine audition suggestions.

Hi all you mizzies out there,

A local theatre company is doing auditions for Les Miz in December or January...eeek. and I'd really love to play Eponine. Any audition song/other role sugestions/ways to act would be appreciated. here is what I look like

cheers Smile

oh and by the way auditions will be in December or January (though may be postponed till march depending on what the director decides)
Alexia Dark

You look more like a Cosette than an Eponine to me, but that's probably just the dark hair Laughing .

If you can handle the pressure-building key change, and if you can hit it out of the park without making it cliche (and if it is not terribly over done in your area), I always think of Someone Like You from Jekyll & Hyde as a great audition piece for Eponine. Unrequited, unrealistic expectations of love from the untouchable. Pretty parallel.

Wow. There was a lot of alliteration there. It is late.

EDIT: Haha, I went back through the Auditions forum and realized I already answered this question in your post there. Meh. But as for the sheet music question... it is in the J&H score, and a slightly different version is in the Musical Theatre Anthology Mezzo/Belter Volume 3.
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