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Eponine? Please help auditions are Monday!!!

My school is doing a non-musical version of Les Miserable. The two parts that I would love are Eponine and Adele (pretty much a female version of Enjolras). I would really appreciate any tips and advice. It would help a lot. Thank you!
Mademoiselle Lanoire

I'm not quite sure where to start. Are you at all familiar with the book/musical/movies?

A female version of Enjolras

Ok, I'm curious.

Tell me more about this script you're working from.

Yes I am familar with the musical, book and movies.

Instead of Enjolras being the leader two of Marius's friends named Henri and Adele instead lead the uprising. They stand in the streets trying to recruit people to their cause by saying lines like "Millions in France are hungry! Millions are out of work! Join us in protest. This Sunday. Boulevard de Mars. If we don't get satisfaction, to the barricades!"

This sounds like an interesting adaptation. Smile Laughing Smile

Any info on Eponine's character in this? What she does, how she's different from the book, how she's different from the musical, etc? If you could tell us that, then we could probably give you some tips.

Hey Sissy, I'm gonna highjack your thread for a sec k?

I am auditioning for the same production (We are related, if you didnt get the memo. LOL) I am auditioning for Fantine. I need some tips. More information will be coming as soon as I get my notes from the car.

Unlike in the musical, Marius and Eponine aren't friends. Eponine is Marius's neighbor and Marius takes pity on her family and gives her money to pay rent and help buy food for her family. She makes it completely obvious that she is in love with him, but he just doesn't seem to get it. Eponine tries to talk him out of going to the barricades but he goes anyway and asks her to give a message to cosette saying that he went to the barricades because his aunt wouldn't give him permission to marry her and that life was meaningless without her. Then she runs off to join Marius on the barricades.
To pretty much sum it up: she loves Marius and wants to be with him, but at the same time she wants him to be with cosette because she wants him to be happy. She just wants him to see her as more than just someone to pity.

I'm certainly willing to give tips (not that I know much about the audition process, I haven't acted since middle school, but about the characters), as long as I have an idea of what the characters are like in this version, and I'm sure plenty of other people here are too.

EDIT: About Eponine - The trick is to not be too sweet and ing�nue-like. Remember that she�s a scraggly, starving waif (albeit apparently saner than in the novel), not just a spunky chick with an unrequited crush. You say that in this version she makes it completely obvious that she�s in love with him � how so? I remember how Celia Keenan-Bolger would �flirt� with him in a clumsy, boisterous way that it was no wonder he didn�t respond to. Maybe you could do something like that. I don�t know if this will help you at the audition (for all I know, your director could be an Eppybopper), but it�s my advice for portraying the character in a way that hopefully earns audience sympathy without making them hate Marius or Cosette.

thank you for the advice. Does anyone have any tips for adele? She's the character that I'm leaning toward because I completely adore Enjolras and she is basically a female enjolras.

If she's a female Enjolras, then act as if you're auditioning for Enjolras.

I know this isn't a helpful comment, but, wow, this seems like such a strange adaption. I am most intrigued.

I always knew Enjolras really was a girl.

Sorry, not helping. But, uh, as for that Adele part. I would try not too be too loud, or violent, but to show authority with the way you carry yourself, the way you treat the others. With respect but always bearing in mind that your character is the leader. Well. Co-leader.

ETA: Fail, Eppie. So, apparently, you already auditioned. Hope it went well.

Hey. Its pixie dust's sister.

She read for Adele yesterday and it went pretty well. I think she is reading Eponine today. She practiced that over the weekend, and seems to be good as far as I see.

I am doing Fantine, Day 2.

Thank you all very much for the advice! Call backs were today. I wasn't asked to read for Eponine, or Adele(but nobody was asked to read for Adele, so you never know) but I did get to read for Fantine's friend, Maguriete, twice, and the factory overseer once. I think it went pretty well. The cast list will be posted after school tomorrow! Thanks again for all the help!
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