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Fantine site

Hi guys!

I'm sure most of you already know about the existance of my Fantine website (online since 2003). Just to let you know (and to shamelessly self-plug), I created a new layout. It must have looked like the site was about to kick the bucket. Well, this is definitely NOT the case. (Neither am I, btw. I know I haven't been posting much, but I lurk). I hope to add new content soon. Still working on the experience as Fantine section Smile

And newbies, do become a member of the fanlisting while you're at it Smile

Here it is:


Lovely site Very Happy Great job! I enjoyed it alot Very Happy and beautifull design!
Fantine is one my favourite characters in Les mis- especially in the book Smile

Do you want any more fanart? Beacause I did these myself some time ago:


Who is Fantine in that second fanart, Musicalperformer92?

They're great, by the way Smile and nice site, Fantine!

Didn't know about this site, I will check it out!

Any contributions are always welcome, musicalperformer! Smile
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