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I don't have a lot of time to post right now, but basically I am auditioning for Fantine in the PLAY (not musical) of les mis. I will post more details later but just any help you could give me on her character. (yes I am reading the book)

Ok the scenes and changes I know about.
The Factory - 3 women come to tell on fantine, Factory Manager is a woman, so like the book.

Downfall - Sells her Hair, her locket, her teeth. Marqurete (sp?)is there.

Arrest - Man tells her shes fallen so far, she should sell herself to him. She fights him, Javert comes. etc

Death - Dies in ValJeans arms.

She did not die in Valjean's arm in the book.
Anyway, good luck!

Maybe she does in the play?

I must admit, I have never given the character of Fantine as much thought as some other characters, but one aspect that is absolutely vital is, of course, her unconditional love for Cosette. Now, when you have to portray that love, it's a bit abstract, because there are no scenes for you to work with the actual "Cosette" - we learn about Fantine's love through her actions, through her sacrifices.

Yes she does die in his arms in the play, according the director.

Fantine left Cosette to The Thenadiers very calmly and walked away with her back towards the book�s readers, and disappeared.

It was a passer-by who later told the readers that he came across a women uncontrollably crying her way out of the town that made me, probably most other readers, cry.

I am always wondering if a stage/movie director can make this as moving as in the novel without Fantine facing the audience and crying.
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