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Orestes Fasting

Finding regional productions

How does one find out about upcoming regional productions of Les Mis? I don't think musical theatre has anything akin to Operabase, alas...

I know that for the US, MTI's website usually has a list, which is currently blank because of some mysterious upcoming tour. What about Europe?

A definitive list (from a licensing company or other Powers That Be, or a theatre site or LM fansite or whatever) would be great. Otherwise... stupid Google tricks for finding regionals, anyone? Ways to google for productions without turning up eight billion links for cast recordings or tickets/reviews for over-and-done-with productions from 2002? I'm kinda at my wits' end. Wikipedia lists some of the major ones in the 'Production history' section, but I'm interested in smaller ones too.

In particular, I'm wondering about French- or German-language productions in spring/summer 2010... but a definitive list would be awesome just for the principle of the thing.
The Very Angry Woman

I have a google news alert with the criteria "Les Mis�rables" OR "Les Miserables" OR "Les mis" OR "les miz". Once I filter through 3 dozen Susan Boyle articles, I can usually find something.

I am scanning the internet for europe productions every other day - and newspapers also. So far, apart from the Stolberg concert I mentioned, I haven't found anything but I'm especially dogging the local Musical factories, some of them may wake up to the fact Les Mis has an anniversary next year.

I just found that:
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