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Have You Guys Seen This?

Ooooh exiting! I will definitely go and see it if it comes to Holland! Can't get enough of the English productions. Dutch just doesn't always do it for me.

Sigh. It won't come to NY, sob.
music is my life!!!

maybe i can persuade my parents to take me down the motorway to cardiff Cool Rolling Eyes
my mum thinks the show's gonna be depressing, but i keep telling her that it's "moving" Rolling Eyes
Orestes Fasting

I wonder if there will actually be shows on the Continent or if their idea of "international" is "England, Wales, and Scotland and ooh baby maybe we'll even have a gig in Ireland if we're feeling daring."

On the plus side, depending on the placement of my winter break, this means I might be able to see Les Mis for my birthday...

I hope by "international" they mean "it's coming to Toronto sometime in the near future" because I lost my last chance to see it some years ago, and I'd die if I got another chance.
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