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Help with barricade death scene?

In our school's production of Les Mis we don't really have a bunch of students planning the revolution, just one or two. So the people on the barricades are people with smaller roles. In order to be on the barricade you have to audition. All that you have to do is die. Unfortunately I'm at a loss as to how to make this death look real and still stand out from the rest. Also, some people have to die in slow motion and I think the director might ask to see that too at auditions. My sister says that she thinks the auditions might be tomorrow. (not much notice, but we've been out of school for a long time) I'm not positive when they are, but I know that they are soon. I really appreciate any help or advice you could give me. Thanks! Smile

My suggestion might not work without a barricade present...Maybe you could ask to use a wall or something??

I was a student in Les Mis over the summer, and for my death, I was shooting and what not, then spun around dramatically and clutched my fake wound as if I had just been shot....Then proceded to slide down/ guide my way to a sitting position and lay lifeless (I died kind of propped up against the barricade) in a slow motion kind of way if that makes sense....Hope it helps Smile
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