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Imagine cast members in other roles: Les Mis and non-Les Mis

Hey there MdN. I had to share this in the hope that anyone else thought it was as fascinating a topic as me. Which is probably not the case... Hah, at least the cast members that are lurking on the forums should be entertained by this.

This is all just hypothetical, but I thought it would be interesting to think of former, recent and current cast members in other roles, roles that they haven't played yet, both within the realms of Les Mis and in other musicals (or maybe even plays. Or musicals that have yet to be written). Being relatively familiar with the 09/10 cast here in London, it led to an automatic "Oh, look XY could play this role!" when seeing other shows or listening to them. I'm sure that people who saw other casts or are more familiar with other performers find themselves doing the same. It is quite interesting.

For example, Elbow and I started casting "Hair" and came up with such some genius finds, such as Nancy as Sheila or Helen as Crissy (she would be AMAZING.), etc. There is the on-going "Antony would be a great Raoul" thing, and so on.

It's also interesting just looking at the roles in Les Mis. I started wondering what a cast list of 09/10 could have looked like if every principal role would have had to be cast with someone who never played or understudied the part, ever (which excludes Killian as JVJ for example, or Jonathan as Javert)...

The outcome...

Valjean � David Thaxton
Javert � Gavin James
Fantine � Katy Hanna
Marius � Mark Dugdale
Cosette � Chloe Brooks
Enjolras � Antony Hansen
Eponine � Natalie Day
Th�nardier � Simon Shorten
Mme Th�nardier � Laura Medforth

(this would actually have the potential to be mind-blowingly awesome. I'd also put Jonathan as Bishop, Killian as Grantaire, Daniella as Factory Bitch, but I'm not sure about Bamatabois and Foreman... Although I do think Bowman would be fantastic as Foreman... /random)

I apologise that this is very much about the former London cast. Just to add something - I hope Jay Bryce is understudy Bishop, somehow. I haven't seen the new cast yet, I've only seen them walk past, and I think he would be brilliant. He's understudying Javert, so he should be able to sing it.
Orestes Fasting

Drew Sarich as all the roles he hasn't played yet! Just imagine his rendition of On My Own. It would be heartbreakingly beautiful., in all seriousness, Philip Quast as Sweeney Todd. He's been in a concert or two of ST, but to the best of my knowledge has only ever played the Judge.

Heh. When I was in London I ended up talking to one girl who had seen Markjolras, and she thought he could really be a Javert one day, judging from his "seriousness as Enjolras".

Orestes Fasting wrote:
Drew Sarich as all the roles he hasn't played yet! Just imagine his rendition of On My Own. It would be heartbreakingly beautiful.

Or perhaps Drew Sarich as all of the roles he's never played at the same time?
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