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Les Mis entry to West End Live 2010

after an oops in 2007 and absences from the 2008 and 2009 events.

does anyone have any idea about in which form it will be there this year?

I'll ask what they're doing. Les Mis doesn't really have that many commercial songs that you can put on a festival stage, though, does it? I mean, they're all so very much in context. I can't imagine they'd pull off ODM. Anyway, yes, I'll ask. But it's surprising that they're taking part, as cast change is that weekend, you'd think there would be other stuff on heir minds. As in, leaving/saying goodbye on the 19th and curing the hangover from the cast change party on the 20th.

Thank you. Camack's 2007 entry was done by two male and two female singers not from the cast, not even the recent casts. They sang a series of LM numbers. I vaguely remember those as IDAD, BHH, one or two more songs, then ODM, accompanied by one keyboard.

Strange that they're in it this year as West End Live is always on cast change weekend.

Ah well, I'm just happy it'll be there for once!

ETA: According to

Les Mis will not be performing.

Huh, strange. It's listed here:

But, again, I can not imagine that it's a good idea. It's not a show for a festival, and, as I said. Cast change weekend.
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