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Les Miserables Audition Information

Does anyone kindly have any information regarding Les Miserables auditions for any of the London productions? I see that it looks as if they have not yet named actors in 2 of the roles, including Eponine.

I know this isn't the audition forum but I came across this page while doing a google search. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated. I just can't seem to find any information regarding Les Mis auditions anywhere on the net. I am actually based in Los Angeles but am interested in any audition info... especially London.


The official production of Les Mis doesn't hold open auditions, and what you're talking about is the big concert for the 25th Anniversary Celebrations, where two performers, the one playing Eponine and the one playing Enjolras, have yet to be announced. These are very likely to either be cast with very renowned musical performers who have played these parts before on the West End or Broadway stage, or with celebrities. There is no audition process anyway.
ETA: The other thread's title "25th Anniversary Concert" should have been a clue.

You'd need to have an agent who gets the audition for you through contacts.
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