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Les Miserables Backing Tracks???


I�m looking for really good Backing Tracks from Les Miserables. I bought so much version but it isn�t good enough for a preforming.

I hope that anyone can help me...

I'm not sure exactly what kind of performance you are looking for and what part of the show you want backing tracks for -
however, I bought some pretty decent karaoke tracks for certain songs from iTunes (I take voice lessons and sing a few things from Les Mis).

The ones I bought are from ProSound Karaoke.

There are some semi-accurate reproductions of the orchestrations over at YouTube but they are very midi sounding, unfortunately.

I'm making my own and they will be finished in the year 2085.

I�m looking for Backing Tracks with orchestra. Some preformer get it for rehearsal to the show. Maibe have someone this but I cannot believe it... I really hopeful... At the first time I�m looking for Tracks like "One day more" and "Who am I"...

I hope that anyone can help me.

On youtube are all tracks from the show but for a real preforming it isn�t good enough. Thanks for all your Helps. Smile))
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