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LMSE at Palace Theatre, Manchester

My sister and I went to see Les Mis�rables School Edition at the Palace in Manchester, NH last weekend. While many parts of the productions were rough, we were particularly impressed by the girl playing �ponine. Maybe it's just because my expectations were quite low (we had watched some dreadful SEs on Youtube), but I thought she was the standout.

Here's On My Own (starts at 1:30):

And her death scene was pretty good, she didn't try to kiss Marius (I always hate that) but Marius kissed her cheek (forehead would have been better, oh well) after she died.

Oh, she is really good. I mean, yeah, there is a LOT of riffing going on, but considering it's a school production I'll put it past her. I love her costume. She actually looks like a boy. Very Happy
And, wait, this is the Palace Theater in Manchester, New Hampshire, right? xD This is very confusing. Because the tour played at the Palace Theatre in Manchester here in the UK. But I doubt they'd have a LMSE in there.

ETA: spelling fail. Mancnster indeed.

Yeah that is a bit is in fact the much smaller and lesser known Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH, USA.

I thought her acting was decent too...we were in the front row and observed that she made herself cry about 1/2 way through, not bad. Smile

If anyone's interested, here are the other two clips that were posted on YT:

Look Down/Robbery:

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