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Hi~ I'm Sisiponine, the new girl in town. I've already introduced myself over at the Elisabeth thread and figured I'd make my way over here and make a thread I had the idea for ages ago.

I'm sure lots of you know about MyLifeIsAverage. Well, recently, a couple of my friends and I have been saying MLILM, or My Life is Les Mis. (It's also a palindrome! Very Happy)

Well, rather than describe what exactly it is (it's sort of like the You know you're obsessed... when thread, I guess) I think I'll just post an example or two (all true stories!)

Today, instead of describing my friend's tenor range using octaves or notes, I just said "He can sing every note in 'Who Am I?'" MLILM

Today, I met a boy. He seemed pretty cool, but then, when he lifted up his shirt to adjust it, I saw he had written 24601 on his stomach with a Sharpie. Hello, soulmate. MLILM

Today, my friend (who had just read a--*sob*--abridged version of the Brick for his outside reading) asked me who Enjolras was. I punched him. MLILM

And thus, we have it. Uh... enjoy? ^^;


Sisiponine wrote:
it's sort of like the You know you're obsessed... when thread, I guess

... I think you guessed right.

Ah well, I tried. :/

Its a nice idea (I love your stories! I think I'd have done the same on the last one Razz) but perhaps it is a little similar to the other thread. Welcome to the forum though! I'm probably not the best person to be saying that seeing as only made a few posts but I think I've done enough lurking to make up for it!

Double post Embarassed sorry

So many newcomers lately.

Welcome. Hope you like it here.

Today, I got called the dead lady and was asked about my TB. Our show closed a month ago. MLILM

Today, we got our Christmas tree from the forest that is my backyard.
Its ugly. My dad said "well, it looks like some one was drunk when they cut it down."
We're calling it the Grantaire Tree. MLILM

My friends Ali and Andy in Homeroom.
Andy: I'm reading Les Mis. A friend recommended to me.
Ali: Cindy.
It's well known at my school I'm the one obsessed with Les Mis. MLILM

My friend Fiona was eating French Fries. She said, "When ever I hear the word 'French' I get hungry, because I think of French Fries"
I replied, "I think of bread, rain, stars, barricades, possibly gay student revolutionaries, convicts, Red, the World about to dawn, and Black, the Night that ends at last"
She just stared at me. MLILM

Oh, and by the way, Sisiponine, welcome my fellow newbie! Very Happy I doubt you'll be as annoying as I am. Wink
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