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Mme Thenardier: Voice (and physicality)

Ok so we set Master of the house last night (with just me and my beloved! Razz ), and i was having trouble with the voice (the director said it sounded a bit young), the laugh, and the physicality. Esp the walk, and the bit at the end. The thing is, he's made Madame into a very dry and cba kind of character, which isn't me ... at all... lol
He's likened her to Catherine Tate, in the sketches where she plays the grandmother! Laughing He got me mooing like an idiot last night, to try the laugh, and i don't know where i can learn the laugh for "Don't make me laugh!"...

so basically... :

1) How can i make my voice sound older and rougher, all without damaging my voice in rehearsals and performances? the MD and director both want me to be louder than the chorus (which i can do) but not in my current "character" voice... Confused
2) At the end, i have quite i big space to fill, and i'm not sure what i can do that would seem natural, yet being true to the character...
3) Are there any vids of exceptional Madame Thenardier's (or other performances) that i could use to try and get a good walk to emulate?

All in all, i'm really enjoying playing this surprisingly challenging role! It's soooo much fun, and the guy who's playing Thenardier is amazing! Very Happy
Thanks so much for any tips that come of this Smile
music is my life!!!

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