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In the London Cast Thread I was denied the pleasure to be told about a very touching moment at the barricades because it eludes description.
There are such moments you have to see for yourself, agreed, but there are others that might be describable. Treasures to be found and displayed.
Here are mine (all from TAC):

In MOTH, the last verse(Mme Th´┐Żnardier) when little Cosette whistles between her fingers.

Also in MOTH while Th´┐Żnardier is delivering his speech, during the chorus the other actors sitting in their chairs clap and sway to the music and there's one moment Anthony/Grantaire looks at Michael/Enjolras with a half-grin as if to find out if he is enjoying it, too. I know they're not really their characters in that scene but it so looks like something Grantaire might do.

In my all-time favorite DWM, when Enjolras is putting his hand on Grantaires shoulder very softly and at the same time Joly is slapping Feuilly and Prouvaire on the shoulders as if to say: hey, guys, didn't we have some good times?

I'm sure there are others worth mentioning.
Very Happy
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