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Nancy Sullivan in OK magazine!

This is so random, it didnt seem to fit anywhere. Isn't really worthy of it's own thread but I thought it was better than spamming the London thread....
anyway, I was reading the OK magazine of the bus this morning and lo and behold I saw a picture of Nancy Sullivan at the WOS awards. She was wearing the pretty blue dress she had on at the IOW concert.

Anyway, just wanted to say yay to her - she's like proper famous now!!!
Mr. Green
l'ivrogne transfigur�

Oh, wow, how exciting! I really like that dress as well Smile

xD Gotta love how being in OK! magazine defines you as famous and all that.

ETA: Sad stupid shop owner wouldn't let me look through the magazine in peace. Got yelled at. Silly. Where is it supposed to be?

Try Sainsburys
Very Happy
It's towards the back where they have the pics from the BAFTAs parties etc

ETA - page 142

Is that the one of her with Oliver Thornton? It's in the Oliver group on Facebook, if so.
l'ivrogne transfigur�

This one?

That's the one!
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