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Newbie post/introduction

Hi all,

I didn't see a welcome/introductions area on the forums or in this area, so forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong area.

I've lurked around here for a few months now, but I've finally decided to register and join in Smile. I'm 25 and I live in Glasgow. I'm relatively new to Les Miserables, but from what I do know about it, I love it, and the more I discover/the more videos I watch I find myself more interested in it. I'm going to see the show for the first time on July 17th, and I cannot wait.

I'll hopefully be able to offer some sort of review after I've seen it.

Anyway, just to say hi etc.... Smile

Welcome! Very Happy

I remember when I was first discovering Les Mis - such an exciting time! Are you going to see the London production or the tour?

Hey, I'm Santiago, I'm 14 years old, living in Mexico City, also new to Les Mis, I started reading the book about two weeks ago, I have seen the show twice in Mexico when I was 8 years old, I would love to see the show in London, I also want to see the tour, but my parents can't afford it right now, and, well, that is everything.

Ahh. I still kick myself for not seeing the Mexican production. The thought of seeing it in Spanish is almost overwhelming. I bet it was gorgeous. I occasionally listen to the Mexican soundboard and you guys are so fortunate to have had the real deal in its full London/Broadway splendor, with a fabulous cast and full orchestra. Of the three Spanish translations, the Mexican one is the best. The show was there for nearly 2 years and I can't believe I never got around to seeing it. If it returns to be Mexico, I doubt it'll be the original production.

Btw, welcome to the both of you! We need more Les Mis dudes around here!!!

I wish I could tell you more about the Mexican production, but I can't remember it well, I was 8 years-old when I saw it, I know it was the same (or almost the same) as the London production, it was wonderful

No problem. It's cool enough to have someone who even saw it, hehe. I've been mad curious about Angelica Vale's Eponine since all the hype after she signed on, but God, any recordings of her doing the role have proven incredibly elusive.

Hey, hilz_72, are you a dude or a dudette?

Thanks guys Smile

Vanessa20: Sorry, it may have helped if I'd thought to mention that.. It's the London production that I'll be seeing.

santsprz: Ahh.. glad I'm not the only one here who is relatively new to Les Mis! Hopefully you will get to see one of the productions soon.

Quique: I'm a dudette Smile

Ahh, I thought you might've been a dude, lol.

Regardless of what you are, welcome! =)

lol thank you Smile

hilz_72 thanks! I also hope so, enjoy the show!

thanks Quique! I didn't see it with Angelica Vale, I saw it with Natalia Sosa, I like Natalia better

This is a thread that once again makes me think we need some introductions topic around here..

I never even properly introduced myself to this forum =o
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