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Playing age of Javert

What would you say is the minimum playing age (in a broad sense) required for an actor playing Javert? Barring young people appearing older than they are, what are your rough ideas?

I'd say late 30s-40s, though younger actors have sometimes played the role.
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hmmm... i'd have to say anything from late twenties to forties. People didn't live too long back then tbh....

anyway, if you played him, you'd be aged up. my friend is in the year below me, and is playing javvy, opposite and 18yr old JVj. it helps that our javvy is a bit taller than JVJ too Laughing

If it's for the school version that you're thinking of, it's about playing age, not actual age (obv! Rolling Eyes ). in professional productions, the two male leads are often played by more mature actors, who have alot of acting experience, and are very accomplished singers. they're usually late 20's-30's. no older than late forties, really - that's thenardier age! Very Happy
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