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Quebec City production back in 2010... in Montreal!

For a very short run of six shows, at the Place des Arts in Montreal.

Tickets will be available on this page on Monday:

I would love to see that so much, but I just asked my mom, and she doesn't want to go because we've already seen Les Mis once (as if once is enough!).

I would give anything to go see this!

Living in Ontario means I can take a quickie roadtrip, although I'd have to find friends who'd want to come with me XD...but I've heard so much about this production I really want to see it.

Sound amazing! Would love to see it- but sadly Denmark is too far away Embarassed It is easier for me to see it in London (which I will in both March and July). But it do sound great! Will it be in French then?

Yes, this is the French-Language non-replica production as far as I know...I think that it's the tranlsation of the English version.
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