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l'ivrogne transfigur�

Queen's theatre box office

I have a query about booking tickets:
I tried to ring the box office to book BB tickets last week, and rang what I thought was their number, 08444825160. It put me on hold, and then through to an operator, who told me I had to ring the box office to book them, and then gave me the same number. In the end I just popped into London to buy them straight from the theatre, but when I'm up north I won't be able to do this, so...
How do I get through to the box office??

That sounds weird, everytime I call that number I get put straight through to the BO Confused

I used this number: 0870 950 0930

thats what it says on Mr. Green

Huh. That is actually really strange, because 0844 482 5160 IS the Box Office number, and I'm absolutely sure I booked the tickets there back in August. They must have put you through to the wrong person then...
And I'm quite sure some others here have bought tickets by phoning the box office only recently.
l'ivrogne transfigur�

It happened to me twice in a row - I got a recorded message saying thanks for ringing Delfont Mackintosh Theatres and the booking line for Les Mis, and then I got onto this operator who told me that there were BB seats free but I had to ring the box office to book them...

That is the Box Office number, but if the Box Office is busy or closed you get forwarded on to See tickets - that's happened to me before, although thankfully the guy at See was actually helpful and explained.

Now whenever someone answers I say "Is this the box office?" They think I'm insane, but at least I know for certain!

Yes, I didn't have problems when booking mine but I think that you only go through to the box office when you ring between 9am-8pm GMT, or something like that.
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