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R.I.P Brittany Murphy

Sad news, former young Cosette Brittany Murphy suddenly passed away.

Hm, I never knew she played young Cosette. It's tragic, but I do think there is a thread in a more suitable subforum. MdN Social Club.

No wonder her name sounded familiar. Even her face looked familiar but I couldn't recall a film she's been in.

Truly awful. R.I.P.

Not surprised.
She was a phenomenal singer.
(I started to write "she is" but then went back and corrected myself Crying or Very sad )

I... still have no clue who she is.

She was a Young Cosette? I never knew that...

^ Ditto...
The Very Angry Woman

I believe she was offered the role, but never actually played it.
Victoria Kitty

I never knew she played young Cosette. But I knew she was in a few things. RIP.
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