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Relationship: JVJ and Fantine

I am auditioning for a Play of Les Mis and my scene tomorrow is Fantines death. So while looking over that scene, I was wondering opinions on a matter.

What is the relationship between Fantine and Jean Valjean? What makes him agree to take care of Cosette? Why does Fantine ask him?

Well, Fantine was a worker in his factory, she's caught with a letter about Cosette's health, she porsitutes to save her, and Valjean saves her from the slammer.

LOL I wasnt very clear. I know the plot.

I wanted to explore a bit deeper. Not just for my audition, but because I am curious what people think. What make JVJ make that promise? Why did Fantine feel she could ask? What made JVJ promise to raise her as his own, lets say, as opposed to boarding school?

(I am going to get shot for this, but here is goes.)

Is there attraction at all between them?

Is there love?

The way Fantine lights up when Valjean visits her makes me wonder.

I don't think it's romantic love, though the writers of the Liam Neeson movie would beg to differ. Hugo says that Valjean never loved anyone until Cosette. His feelings for Fantine are pity and empathy, since he understands what it's like to be "at the bottom of the heap" (albeit in a different way). Possibly even more important, he feels partly responsible for her misery, since he failed to prevent her being fired, and wants to undo his mistake.

As for Fantine, I think she's profoundly grateful and devoted to him for showing her such compassion and doing all he can to help her and Cosette. I don't think it's necessarily romantic, though I suppose it could be interpreted that way. It could just as easily be viewed as something like Valjean's veneration for the Bishop, albeit different in that she and Valjean spend more time together and actually get to know each other.

Break a leg at your audition. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

It's not something I've ever thought needed analysing, to be honest... Valjean is A Good Guy and also he lied to her, so he felt bad.

I was just wondering what people thought. I know they aren't IN LOVE so to say. The way I see it, Fantine might love Valjean as I love my friend, Mike. He is there for he. She NEEDS him to be there.
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