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Orestes Fasting

The Mizzie Tour Guide, v2.0

Lots of you have probably seen my website, which has, among lots of other things, a guide to visiting places in France that figure in Les Mis. Well, I just gave it a MASSIVE update.

Things I've added:
- Pictures of P�re Lachaise, where Valjean was buried
- Pictures of Saint-Jacques-du-Haut-Pas, where Valjean took Cosette to church
- A picture of the former Rue de l'Ouest, where Marius through many stalkery activities found where Cosette lived
- Lots of info on the Field of the Lark and the Faubourg Saint-Marcel

Things I've added additional pictures of:
- The place where Javert jumped into the Seine
- Montfermeil, including the area where the Th�nardiers' inn might've been
- Place Edmond Rostand (where the Caf� Musain would've been)
- Rue Oudinot (formerly Rue Plumet)
- Church of St-Paul-St-Louis (Marius & Cosette's wedding)
- The approximate location of the Gorbeau tenement
- The Field of the Lark
- Rue de l'Homme-Arm� (including the building where Valjean's apartment would've been)
- The former location of the prison of La Force (from which Th�nardier escaped)

Coming soon:
- Actual pages with info on P�re Lachaise, Saint-Jacques-du-Haut-Pas, and the Rue de l'Ouest
- Photos and a page on Saint-Sulpice, where Marius came as a child and his father sometimes watched him in secret

In the nebulous and distant future:
- Digne. Seriously. Keeping mum on the details until I know for certain I can go, but this is a possibility.
- More on Montreuil-sur-Mer.
- A reconstruction of the Javert-Valjean chase from the Gorbeau tenement across the Pont d'Austerlitz.
- A few shoutouts to the musical, like the Rue de la Villette.

This is awesome, thank you. I used the old version of your Paris tour guide last time I was in that area, so I'm looking forward to trying out a few more places if I get chance.
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