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The BlueIron Co

The Soho Sessions

The BlueIron Co. presents...


A night of great music stripped back to it's bare bones by the best in the West End.


Tom Parsons


David Thaxton

Nancy Sullivan

Rob Brennan

*********PLUS SPECIAL GUESTS!*********



All this for a mere �5. Tickets available on the door or by calling 0207 240 2622.

Ah yes. Thanks.
See, people, lo and behold, it's actually possible to open new threads for new topics! We should try this with the London Cast Change thread one day. xD Because this is the Nov 1st event we've been talking about there, and it starts at 6 pm and, apparently, ends around 0:30 at night, to answer that question, too.

ETA: Uuuuh, has anyone got their ticket(s) yet (I know some expressed interest to go)? Because I was at the 12 Bar Club thing and they didn't have a clue about it. xD I'm more amused than confused, but nevertheless, I'd like to have this cleared up...
ETA II: never mind. They didn't have tickets as in tickets, but I've got a "Admit One" slip of paper. Now I feel special.
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