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Thenardier's fate at the end

I was just wondering about other people's opinions on why Thenardier gets away scot free in the end (in the Brick becoming a slave trader in America, in the musical just getting rich). What purpose does it serve?

All the options are different ones I've heard or read from various different people (I think Orestes Fasting came up with the first one). Hopefully they don't sound all the same - the differences are subtle, but distinct in my mind.

I think it goes to show that people don't always get what they deserve in this life. As a Christain though, I do believe in ultimate justice, that truly unrepentant people do get what they deserve eventually, maybe not in this life though.

It shows us that in the end, the only person who didn't loose anything was the only person who didn't have anything to loose due to his greed.

In the book, what other people have said.

In the musical: to bring in some comedy relief and resolve the characters.
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