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This is cute... and right?

We were running Act 2 of LES MIZ on Wednesday and our Gavroche came up to me and started a chat. The cast uses our character names when we're together.

"Mr. Valjean," he says, "Gavroche is a bad boy."
"Oh?" I said.
"Yeah, he broke the rules."
"What do you mean, Gav?"
"Well," he says with a thoughtful look on his face, "Enjoras sends all the children away from the barricade and Gavroche diobeys him. He gets shot then"

This kid is 9 or 10. I thought what he said was cute, but is he right? I believe Enjoras sends the fathers away from the barricade.

I wansn't sure what to say to him after that. Any ideas of what to tell him for next rehearsal?

He also likes to brag that Gavroche in the show is stronger than Valjean. Smile


He's right, more or less. Enjolras only sends away the women and fathers, but the standard staging usually has one of the students (usually Grantaire, I think) try to make Gavroche leave too at that point. But of course he sneaks back, etc. Is your production staging it that way?

Hi, I couldn't find an introduction thread so I just join in here 'cause it interests me.
I'm newly diagnosed with Lesmiserablitis. I heard there is no real treatment but it hardly ever is fatal unless you manage to get shot for a noble cause. It's vital, though, to take your daily dose of "Les Mizon"(TM).
Very Happy

BTT: In the book it is Marius who sends Gavroche away under a pretext. He gives him a letter to Cosette and advises him not to deliver it until the morning, hoping that Gavroche will not be able to get back to the barricade in time and his life will be spared. He wants to do Th´┐Żnardier a favor, too, by saving his son.
Gavroche, though, has ideas of his own and delivers the letter right away so to be back in time to get some amunition - and be shot.

So, yes, he is a very bad boy, bless him. We could do with some bad boys like that.

Our staging has Enjoras deliver his lines then Gavroche wakes up. Enjoras then goes over and signals him to leave. Gav exits upstage left with his head down.

He then re enters USL when he volunteers to get the ammo, and then we know the rest of the story.

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