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Valjean Chainmaille Doll

Putting a new spin on "you'll wear a different chain" Smile

My very talented sister created this amazing doll based on National Guard!Jean Valjean. He's about 4" tall and quite posable. She has a website with more of her stuff (sadly no other Les Mis related things but she makes beautiful jewelry):

Here's the technical details, for anyone who understands chainmaille specs:

20ga 1/8" and 7/64", 18ga and 19ga 5/32", and 22ga unknown sizes
Enameled copper, bronze, and silver plate.
Inverted Round
European 4-1
Japanese 5-1 Ball (modified)
Mobious Ball
Some other ring connections for the hair and shoes.


Oh my God, that is the most amazing Les Mis related item that I've ever seen!

Thanks Fantine, that's very nice of you to say Very Happy. I tried to get her to make a Javert too but she wouldn't do it, lol. Something about too many black rings for his greatcoat.

That's really cute!
Ulla Dance Again!

That's quite innovative. I like it! Smile

Wow, that's very different and very cool...and National Guard!Valjean is pretty much my favorite to begin with.
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