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Who am I? I'm Jean Valjean!!

Yes, it's true!! I, Andy/jcstar, has been cast as Jean Valjean in a production of LES MISERABLES!! This is my first major role and I'm quite nervous about taking on the role.

Vocally, I'm using some references from Sarich and Morris, but mostly coming up with my own vocal style/phrasing. The director has told me she loves what I'm doing.

The show opens next week. We're in the last of the runthroughs and previews are Monday and Wednesday. he show opens Thursday evening and runs through Saturday.

Being a rock singer, I hope my voice can hold up. It's a very vocally taxing part.


Congrats! I based mine off of John Owen Jones...I would recommend him alot more over Sarich...picture the acting and speaking voice of Sean Bean, but with awesome tenor high notes. JOJ is probably the best to play the part.

Congrats! Very Happy

Congrats but you really should stay away from imitating others' style/inflection/delivery because it usually ends up sounding and looking lame even if the person imitating is a good singer/actor. I know you've said that you're only basing it off Sarich and Morris but I'd imagine it'd be far more rewarding if you base it on your own interpretation. Though if your director is pleased then I guess more power to you.

Break legs! And you must post audio/video!

I totally understand what you're saying. I'm only making subtle references to what Sarich and Morris do. For example, in "Who am I?" I've heard a Sarich recording where he shouts/screams the "Who am I?" before he sings "I'm Jean Valjean!" I also borrow Morris' phrasing for a few lines during "Prologue."

Other than that, I'm singing it my way.

Thanks for the congrats. It makes me feel good.


Break a leg, Andy!

Valjean is an amazing part. If you can, could you post videos? I'd like to see how your rock voice deliver the songs!!

I'll see what I can do. However, I know this company is very stringent (sp?) about cameras/recording devices being used during shows. As a rule, they don't allow anything like that in their theatre.

Alexia Dark


If you cannot record yourself during the show, you could always do so outside the show and put it on youtube. I did that Smile.

have a friend sneak a tape recorder in for audio at least.
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