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Enjy vest! (project in progress)
Does anyone know what happened to
Broadway production closes Jan. 6... or so Cammack claims.
Jean Valjean thread
The Cosette in my icon looks bitchy
Revival Review- 10/23/07
Auditions open for Chinese version of Les Miserables
Lea Salonga and Jasmine
I got Eponine. . . :)
3rd NT In China
Tell Me Everything about Javert
Lea Salonga's final performance, please post review.
Disasters, Mistakes, Pranks, etc.?
Looking for an instrumental version of a song...
should I bother buying the vocal selections songbook?
I beg of you, Stephanie J Block...
Latvian production next year
Paris Production?
A very special day!
How are the professional regional productions in the US?
Has anyone ever ordered the PRC and OFC from this website?
I saw Cosette at Disneyland!
Eponine & Montparnasse
Best seats at Queen's
Les Mis Concert in Bournemouth, February 08
Lea Michele sings "On My Own"
Lea as Fantine OR Lea as Eponine?
For Those Band Geeks Who Like Les Mis...
Les Mis Virgin
Ridiculously long revival review. Hey, you asked for it!
Videos from My Les Mis Production.
Les Mis FAQ
Michael Ball as Mme. Thenardier?
Changes in Les Mis: School Edition
Importance of Eponine
Judy Khun
The Dead Horse Thread
i dreamed a dream romaji lyrics
Eponine Picture Help
So, I'm listening to The Pirate Queen Cast Album...
Lea's Close?
Cast Question
Rush Tickets
Les Mis Forum
Les Miserables Teddy Bear
Selling my iPod on eBay
Les Miserables Study Guide
London - New ideas?
Les Mis: Broadway in the Desert
My high school is doing Les Mis. Can I get my dream role?
Video from my Les Mis
US national tours
First preview of the Dutch cast
OMO - Worst EVER.
John Owen Jones off to Broadway
Ruthie Henshall's sister dies of painkiller overdose
Les Miz with a happy ending
Les Mis�rables by Orson Welles
Bring Him Home Video
Hello, Musicals dot Net slash Forums. It's me- Whiny Eponine
Meeting the cast
Zien Filling In For Beach?!
10th Anniversary Concert DVD - Price 0_o
Annotated edition quest...
Thought this would be appreciated here...
My trip to Paris (+pictures!)
If You Could Cast the Les Miz film...
Audition (for a school show)
'Ponine's wiki page
chorus question
Los Miserables Argentina
Which edition do you like best?
Me in 'Confrontation'
Advice pleae!
Drew Sarich - Bring Him Home
Les Mis Abridged
LM Singing Contest Entries - Results!
1st National Tour
Nice going, Chris Langham
Alli Sims singing On My Own
Bring Him Home - A Chorale Piece?
Which Valjeans have had the best Bring Him Home?
On My Own lyric question
Revival Poster
Where can I....
21st Anniversary Recording
Performers you love who aren't well known?
Just got cast, and excited!
Best day to see Les Mis
The character Javert
Amazing version of BHH
St. Louis Muny Cast
My Version of Stars.
Moments in Les Mis that really touches you...
Auditions for Marius help!!
R.I.P. Leo Burmester
les Miserables 1934
On My Own top note...
Educate Me.
Looking for backing track
Little People vs Ten Little Bullets
Marius surviving the fall of the barricades
Recurring melodies
Les Mis
A google maps view of les Mis�rables...
Cosette/Fantine vocal ranges
Sacramento Music Circus production photos
My recording of "Confrontation". Tell me what you
Crazy Weird + Painfully Bad = Hilarious Mrs. Cruise
My Recording of "One Day More"... ALL PARTS
Character study of Eponine
Cosette Costume
Can Anyone Tell Me Who This Is?
Any Hugophiles here read The Hunchback of Notre Dame?
Jean Valjean
2nd NT Reviews
Isn't Ironic...? Don't ya think?...
Revival Changes
10th anniversary recording-on my own?
Favorite Duet Song?
My Life Sucks ... MY LIFE SUCKS MORE!
New Cast of Les Miserables
I'm seeing a great deal of hypocrisy going on here.
Lea as Fantine--boot on Youtube
Meet the Creators of Les Muserables
Weird pairings
Non-English recordings
My Chemical Showtune- Emo is Less Miserable
Revival Cast Changes.
broadway TKTS?
Audition for Javert!
Bring him home: which key?
Where to begin!?
Les Mis Singing Contest - New Closing Date!
Which Recording?
Dutch Les Mis with Henk Poort
Shameless promotion of my Les Mis site
Wee Bit Of Good News For Me (Bit of a Brag)
Les Mis: In the Round in Sacramento!
Drew Sarich as Grantaire, u/s Javert, Enjorlas
Regional productions and the future of the show
Happy Barricade Day!
Spider-Man III?
Do you recognise yourself in any of the characters?
Based on reality?
Eponine �s a prostitute and JVJ & Enjolras are virgins
I finally finished Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.
Who to audition for?
Valjean's role in Fantine's dismissal
Pictures of current London cast?
Shanice Controversy, lol.
My Revival Review!
Remember the Les Mis singing contest I hosted once?
Favorite Fantine?
Your fave Les Mis links
Who is your favorite Cosette?
Javert Audition Help!!
Our Production (Videos!)
Eponine outdates?
Mex Production Clips - WoW!
Thenadier's costume
Lea Salonga
a Silly question
Spanish recordings?
On My Own in russian (video)
Going to PARIS
first to own the rights?
In My Life - solo version
Australia 2008
EponineJavert - The Confrontation.
Your favorite Javert!
Drew Sarich as Javert
Les Mis film genres - How would you do it? [silly thread]
Claire Moore
I just saw a high-school production of Les Mis�rables...
What would you want in a film of Les Mis?
London news: Cassie Compton new Eponine
21st Anniversary
Pictures ....... new ones added.
question about recordings.
The Part I'd like to see shortened.
100x100 Icons & Avatars
Character question - the Old Woman
Little things you notice
Choice of row F or K: where should I sit?
Fox's new two-disc set
Any Lea clips yet?
Cornell John to be in new Narnia movie!
Settle an argument between freinds...
I'm sorry if this has been asked before...
Stars Backing Track
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