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Am I Crazy?
Eponine's Errand
An evil "would you rather" question
One Day More ?
Audition in May! Help!!!
Because we really need another review of the revival
Hi everyone, I'm new and was wondering if someone could
MADAME THENARDIER - How Much Singing does she do?
Stupid Question;
Photoshop challenge: Who you'd love to see!
More cast change news
Lea Interview and Clips
Jackie Marks?
soundtrack question
Cloudy This Morning?
The Jonathan Holloway adaptation
The Musical Worlds of Boubil and Schonberg
Review of the Current West End Cast
Lea Salonga as Eponine at TAC. Check it out. AWESOME!!!
biggest compliment...ever.
Is new Broadway Les Miz eligible for a Tony nomination?
on my own debate
Appearance on "The View"?
Broadway cast changes - starting April 24
Eponine as a stereotype
Recent HS Fall Production
Gah. To start the book now or later?
St Louis production
Les Mis - technically an opera?
High School Edition
Japanese Production Clips!
school edition
Yet Another Revival Review
Young Cosette / Young Eponine
Anyone watched Lea Salonga's performance yet? I'm curious.
Ten Little Bullets
Finale Chord Progression
Wandsworth Prison presents Les Mis
Les Miserables Character Game Poll
Screaming in the show?
Sound effects?
Hahahaha Another DRV impression, very well done!
Broadway revival review. (Warning- looong review inside)
My Audition
How do you see the characters?
The Sewers Sequence - The School Edition
Carmen Cusack
Dutch Production: I have been invited to audition!!!
Les Miserables Actors, but Acting in a Play
Question About School Edition
LM returns to the Netherlands next year
If you directed a production...
The Revolving Disc...
The school adaption.
Be the first to join the online Les Miz library!
Favorite Orchestrations?
Test Your Knowledge
When will the next US tour start up?
Pictures from Trondheim 2006
Does anyone have any performance tips for Stars?
Revival CD?
Daphne and Frances
Les Miserables on Broadway..Broadhurst Theatre..questions
Oh god, it's everywhere!
Rights available for Regional Theatres....
Les Mis revival and the Tony Awards
Celia's Eponine
Wow!...I just finished watching Le Miz
Lea Solonga to return to Broadway
Sheet Music Question
Pics from my show
the NEW Les Miserables poster - yep, it's yours :-)
John Owen-Jones Holidays
Videos from the B´┐Żmlo production
Enjolras vs. Marius
Cool Set
Best Solo Song?
French Lyrics???
Oh.... my.... God!
TKTS for Saturday matinee
Lea Salonga to Replace Daphne Rubin-Vega
Which Translation?
I have yet another a question........
YOUR Dream Cast
Does anyone have copies of the original bad reviews?
Lea Salonga- On My Own
Colm Wilkinson or Alexander Gemignani?
Empty Chirs...Audition song or no?>
Make a surprise face now
Review 13th of December
One Day More
German, Spanish, Japanese, and Czech, oh my!
I recorded a new song :)
Les Mis on Broadway
Help! Does anyone know...
Things that just sound plain wrong
Jon Lee songs
Non cast members singing Les Mis
Madame Th´┐Żnardier
Greatest Rendition of Bring Him Home EVER.
Comden and Green's circa 1940 Reader's Digest version
Cam Mack Productions Fading Away?
When and How Did It All Start?
Character Elimination Game
Cast Holidays
Les Mis artwork
Celia Keenan Bolger- random thing I've noticed
Les Miserables Fan Soundtrack Project
Mexican Production Home Video
Daphne leaves revivial Feb-April
Jo is coming back as Fantine!
Same logo, but still different ...
My Production Photos!
Celia Keenan Bolger at 13 years old!
Revival Clips
German YouTube Clips
Pimping an EponineComunity
Eponine costume
Recording Comparisons
Marius or Grantaire?
character work
UniquePerspective's Review
Happy B-Day!!!
Favorite Scene?
"The Barricade"
Cosette vs. Eponine
Complete Symphonic Recording cast
Gavroche thread
The Gavroche is Cool Thread ( And if you hate Marius)
I'm back!
Thenardiers Gang
Jeff vs. Hans
Les Miserables cartoons :-D
Discount code?
Feliz Cumplea´┐Żos!!
Favorite Les Miz movie
Lost Files.
Norm Lewis
Broadway Revival Cast Recording?
Music theatre geek site?! Stars clip inside
Empty Chairs...
What's the best way to promote a Les Mis fan site?
Stars - Tenor version!!!
Ten Little Bullets
Early preview reviews on BWW
Church does Les Mis parody
Karaoke, Anyone??
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
Anyone who has the OFC
For those who requested a copy of the BBC Concert...
Recording of the finale!
New Les Mis anime
I Hate Gavroche.
Revival Orchestrations
Idea for next Forum Casting
BBC Radio 2's Version
Revival rehearsal clips!
Les Mis & Seinfeld
Who's going to the revival and when?
Les Mis Audition: Help Please
Interviewed about Les Miserables
Singing Les Miserables in auditions
Lego Miserables
Help, please!
If You Were/Are Eponine or Cosette in a play enter..!
Grantaire Range
21st Anniversary in London: 7:30pm
I'm Playing Eponine.
Broadway Revival.
Upper Circle
eBay: The Vocal Score #2
On My Own Backing Track?
Eponine or ´┐Żponine?
Actor HELP! *For French concept album and 1991 Paris Revival
Berlin highlights?
Does anyone know...
NEW London Cast Program? Scans?
Les Miz in Baden?
Norm Lewis
Japanese Cast Recordings
random question
Achieving Bedraggled Hair
School Production of Les Mis?
When will London Les Mis close?
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