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Characters' appearances, Brick vs. musical
A unique opportunity for Les Miserables Fans...
Imagine cast members in other roles: Les Mis and non-Les Mis
New UK Tour Album -- Reactions, reviews...existence?
Les Miz (School Edition) Auds in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
French lyrics transcription project
Enjolras: sideburns?
Les Miserables School Edition - Auditions
Newbie post/introduction
Latest on the 25th Anniversary- please post information only
Questions about the Brick
Trevor Nunn is pissed
Les Miserables Audition Information
Fantine site
Performances otherplace than London
Misc. Babble
Shoujo Cosette
Les Mis course this summer
Newbie here...
Nick Jonas in Les Miserables
Les Mis London Alumni... What's next?
On the "Extreme Notes" in the Show
so, I have a dilemma... sort of...
It's Barricade Day, everybody
First Foreign Language Version
Les Miserables School Edition
Full West End Les Mis Score on Ebay!
Nick Jonas joins Les Mis!
London Cast: 2010/2011
Stage door questions?
Les Mis entry to West End Live 2010
Les Mis and Philosophy
Female Audition for Les Miserables
So... I just got cast as Eponine... what now?
Chairs and table from Oslo
Happy Birthday, Eppie-Sue!
Bring Him Home and The Peoples Song video from my school...
Happy Birthday Quique!
Free acoustic tracks from West End performers...
Associate director to Cameron Mackintosh workshop....
Cosette MUST be brunette?
Javert in school version
LMSE at Palace Theatre, Manchester
Ed Dixon
Soho Sessions 2
Olivier Awards performance
Nancy Sullivan in OK magazine!
Help with University essay, please?
My School Production of Les Mis photos
Thenardier's fate at the end
Les Mis- Family Friendly?
If you don't know the plot...
Bagnew's MIDI Files
Cast Changeover
The Mizzie Tour Guide, v2.0
madame thenardier castle on a cloud question...
New website and EPK
Nancy Sullivan's Cabaret
'I Dreamed a Dream'
London Website
Les Miserables Backing Tracks???
Epic epic epic commitment
So you want to see Les Mis... ASK AWAY!
minarik's take on X
Les Mis Edinburgh Ticket
Les Mis to the rescue - newspaper article on musicals
Favourite Les Mis Ad-libs!
Musical!Cosette - In Love or Desperate?
My ridiculously long review for Les Mis, Cardiff
How to capture cosette
"Ideal production" revisited: Costumes and hair
Laurence Olivier Awards
UK Tour
What Do You Think of This IDAD?
Who really is the biggest Les Mis fan?
Brick!Eponine: Vengeful or Just a Mess?
So... Am I Fantine Material? (Youtube Video)
A major milestone missed?
Madame Thenardier character development??
Eponine audition song?
Cast Recordings
John Barrowman and Catherine Tate?
Motazeri is dead
Finding regional productions
Les Mis on youtube
Who's going to play in Paris 2010?
Holiday greeting!
Whore!Fantine - Still Dignified or Totally Washed Up?
R.I.P Brittany Murphy
The best production of les mis...
Les Mis in concert Januar 2010 Stolberg
Total Randomness (Brick-Related)
can i still get tickets for Les Miz Paris?
The Brick on the iPhone/iPodTouch
Best Les Mis Death
Which one would you cut?
This is cute... and right?
Another Eponine discussion (hopefully not a dead horse)
Who am I? I'm Jean Valjean!!
Lea Salonga Interview --> Eponine vs. Fantine
25th Anniversary Concert?!
Stage by Stage History In the Making
Les Mis on TV?
Pictures from my Les Mis
Joanna Ampil's On My Own
Les Mis Parodies
Details on the 1980 Paris production
Minimalist Les Mis
Quebec City production back in 2010... in Montreal!
can i book tickets for les mis paris already?
Help with barricade death scene?
Les Miserables Restricted?
Student Edition?
The Soho Sessions
Les Miserables Video Recording.
Les Mis Movie
Played Fantine? Share your experience!
Cameos for a new Dream Cast
Ten Top Trivia Tips about Valjean
Old creators of les mis sacked?
Changing words for Master in the house?
Les Mis 2010 US
Theme songs!
Lil' Music Update
Eponine audition suggestions.
Colm Wilkinson on the Tudors
Most famous songs
Censoring Les Miz
Queen's theatre box office
25th anniversary cast
Warsaw 2010
Valjean Chainmaille Doll
Ticket help pleeeease :)
Is it Leh-Mis-urr-ahb?
FANTINE (All sorts of help needed)
Silly reasons for wanting to be in Les Mis!
Relationship: JVJ and Fantine
London fan meet-up
Les Mis pet peeves
Eponine? Please help auditions are Monday!!!
Adam Jacobs, other Marii and other things
Les Miserables - Lausanne 2009
The people at the barricade died in vain
Book or Musical first?
Towards the end of Confrontation
Les Mis US tour
No clearly defined heros or villains?
Help Me Please!!!
Les Miserables on The Isle Of Wight videos and such...
Official site question
Audition where everyone sings the same song
Is it just me, or...
24601 on my chest?
It's literally got everything: David Thaxton Fangirling
Enjolras Help!!!
Elizabeth - (formerly WTF)
Alternate lyrics in Fantine's arrest
Fantine Lyrics
Les Miserables: School Edition
Miserable Thoughts on Rue Plumet
Another dream cast recording.
I remember...
Cast Replacement History.
Meetup: Barricade Day 2010 in Paris
The worst Les Mies ever!
Mme Thenardier: Voice (and physicality)
London Cast Change
Playing age of Javert
Les Mis´┐Żrables for Dummies
Photo captions
Ensemble Acting
Les Mis to Be Revamped...
Latter-Day Miserables
Les Mis proffesional bloopers.
Advice on playing men?
Any regional productions of LM in eastern US this fall?
"Les Miserables" Revival French Cast of 1991 reuni
Song Elimination - Les Miserables
Colm Wilkinson
Have You Guys Seen This?
Les Miserables Cast Autographed Poster and more on Ebay
Les Miserables- Rendez-vous in the West end!
Les Mis Misheard
Les Mis Meme
Les Mis: The Lego Edition
Not sure if I've posted this yet
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