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BBC Records Les Miserables 21st Birthday Concert
Anyone play keyboards in a production?
Anyone heard this?
New Eponine in the Broadway revival
The Book
What is the most boring...
Literal French translation
Michael Kostroff
Songs in different keys
How many different recordings?
Who are these Fantine actresses?
What is the difference between school edition and regular
I'm off to the world of Hugo tomorrow for a 8 days.
Gavroche Audition NEED A SONG HELP PLEASE!!!!
Eponine or Cosette?
Sendspace Problems
I have a Broadway Revival ticket for sale
Ven a Mi
Les Mis School Edition
Gavroche confusion
Sutton Foster
Les Mis Forum cast August 2006- Results
Last day to vote
Les Mis won't close after her 21st birthday
Taking the vocals out of a music track (HELP!)
Forum Cast.
Any tours in New Zealand?
Vocal Range
ID an Enjy for me?
Original French version!
Valjean line....
3nt closing
I just posted clips on Youtube...
On My Own romaji lyrics
Les Miserables in Basque?
I'm a Constable
Les lego
Current cuts on the broadway production of Les Miserables
Young Cosette
A small bit of news re 21st birthday.
Stephen Bishop and Ivan Rutherford
LES MIS School Edition Video Clips
illinois all-state!
5-Volumes of 'Les Miserables' by Victor Hugo
Review of Les Mis SE 13/7
'On My Own' lyrics
Worst Spellings
IDEA ----- Forum Cast... please read
Complete cast of the revival announced
New Les Mis´┐Żrables Forum
Love Les Mis? Live in Sussex? Doing anything next Feb! :)
Original ORIGINAL lyrics
les mis videos
ruthie henshall as fantine
Random Thoughts...
YouTube Commentary
Eponine in "On My Own" clip *shudder*
Simon Bailey
No anniversary concert this year either...
Les Miserables 21st Cast!!!
Which Album?
best karaoke version
Forbidden broadway Les Mis video
Question that's been bugging me for a while
I'm new...just saying hi!
France's version of GoogleEarth
Javerts Sucide
Thenardier in the SE-Still worth it?
Les Miserables Complete Symphonic Recording
LM in Paris?
Hey Guys
musical or opera?
Full Orchestral Music For "One Day More!"
Sheet music for full version of On My Own
Les Mis on dvd??
a new one here..
Les Miz De-Virginizing Tomorrow
Disappointing matinee
Confrontation Soundtrack w/o voices
Mods, please delete!
24th June ... last day of cast.
Happy Birthday Colm Wilkinson and Michael McCarthy
over ten years since...
School Edition Surprise
THAT Coat!
Confrontation sheet music
Going to see Les Miserables tonight!
Phil Cavill!!
What do you think about LesMis in different languages?
21st Birthday
Les Miz at my highschool..picturess
Kerry Ellis (current London Fantine) in Summer Showstoppers
Foreign Language LM Clips!
Steve Balsamo Singing "Bring Him Home"
Les Miserables Limited Edition Coat
Da Vinci Code and Les Mis...whoa...
The Score...
Cast lists
Kind of O/T- The Pirate Queen
Hello everyone...
Does anyone else DISLIKE Michael Ball?
London Summer Broadcast
Les Mis Rhapsody Parody
Chinese Les Miserables
Eric Kunze as Marius?
School Edition
Sound Clips from My Production of LES MISERABLES
Joining in with the "Listen to me" phase!
I met some London cast members!
I feel stupid...
The Different Recordings
Signed London Poster
Favourite/best seats at Queens?
Some very exciting video clips!!!!!!
how do you see eponine being portrayed ideally???
Broadway Revival Cast - Any Info Yet?
sound clips...
me doin on my own
next cast info?!!!!
Is Les Mis The Greatest Musical Ever?
Homework Help - Who's Your Favorite Character?
Females in Male Roles: Broadway vs. School Production
On My Own- By me
Recent Tour
Looking for "One day more" by Japanese 1994 Red ca
Me singing "On My Own"
Me singing On My Own
Looking for photos of Cornell John as Javert
Favourite pairings?
Ok people...picture time
New Les Mis Inspired Clothing & Gifts
Les Mis Movie
Highschool Spectacular Perfomance
What the? It's not THAT rare, is it?
HELP!!! Need complete LesMis backing tracks
HELP! mp3 of Kaho Shimada/On My Own
My take on Les Mis recordings: in favor of the OBC
Why does everyone love Eponine?
Ebay Auction [Edit, yet another poster too]
ODM - Record it Together CLOSING DATE
Which track?
National tour cast
What form does your Mizzie obsession take?
The silliest things you've heard people say/ask about LM
Track 14- Paris Revival Cast
LM sound clips
Your Favorite Character In Les Miserables
Les Mis or Beauty and the Beast?
Me Singing Bring Him Home
Your set designs?
On My Own midi/backing track?
Swaying from side to side during MOTH
anybody else sad enough...
Ricky Martin as Marius clips
South Park Les Miserables
the coughing...
I'm back!!!
One Day More: Final Broadway Cast
My Les Mis review.
Audio help - who is this?
I saw LM today - review
Non-Caucasian cast members
best LM recording
New Member
Revisiting an Old Thread/Funny Idea
Paris Cast Recording?
Unique little touches that you love
Looking for a picture of the Enjolras/Marius poster...
How Good Is Les Miserables Compared To Miss Saigon?
Looking for high quality pictures...
Backing tracks of les mis?
24601 > troll thingy
Anyone a W4ke yets??
Current Tour Cast or whatever
Film interpretation of Les Mis
Me singing I Dreamed a Dream
Hunter Foster?!
Took my silver, took my Fliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...
Fan fiction poosting
OBC (Song downloads?)
The anticipation!
A Les Mis version??
Les Mis Schools Edition! PICYS!!
Foreign Eponine clips
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