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Les Miserables

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One Day More sung by Chinese fans (in English)
Cast size question
Did I screw up my callback??
Bring It Down (God, It's High)
Dutch cast album has been released!
Which opera singers could you see in Les Mis?
Videos of my school's Les Mis
Just got the book...
Les Miserables Fullerton College
Antique book of Les Miserables
Les Mis Audition listed on Baskstage
Tell the story.
Quick question about Fantine in the novel
Most Difficult Les Mis Songs (Valjean or not)
Jean Valjean and Cosette
Me as Thenardier
Youtube of me singing Empty Chairs and Empty Tables
A review you say?!
Hey, citoyens? Barricade day? Anybody?
Another Meeting of the Philip Quast Fan Club
Happy Eponine Day
CeLes Miserabrities (Les Mis Stunt Casting)
Review of Walnut St Les Mis (Long)
Your favorite performance (I hope this isn't a dead horse)
Lea Salonga at the Disney Concert Hall 7/11/08
Christian Alexander M�ller
Les Mis Auditions
Les Mis Rotterdam review!
JVJ pron star, haha!
one thing I've never understood
my Les Miz SE production (a couple new vids)
Les Miserables...School Edition???
Silly question, but...
Would you contribute to a fan-directed production of LM?
Enjolras vest need help
Enjolras vest
Rotterdam youtube clips
Happy Birthday Lesmisloony
RANT: So annoyed with the School Edition right now....
do you see my avatar?
Need help with Eponine's costume
Happy birthday Mastachen!
back from London (a review of love and hate)
Mum's The Word - Take Two!
...from 'Uncyclopedia'
Did anyone see Burgess as Valjean?
Choir audition
10th anniversary DVD
Anthony Crivello's Javert.
Which Recording Has the Best Orchestrations?
The Mizzie Tour Guide
Miserables thoughts on Rue Plumet
Help with quiz
Suggestions for mini Les Mis??
Me Singing "On My Own" (on Youtube)
I made a Les Mis fanvid
Oh wow--OLC video footage.
Bad period?
london new cast... anyone knows them?
Me singing 'Mon Histoire'
Vocal Ranges
Callbacks help please
How did you first get to know Les Mis?
Notable Marius performers, and perhaps some advice?
Please help, what's the age Limit for the School Edition?
You Know You've Been on this Forum Too Much...
things you got awfully wrong
Paris Cast AMAZING
Les Mis the Movie?
Auditioning for the CA premiere today.
I'm Baaaaack!
Placement of original "Little People"?
Your opinions needed for "A little Fall Of Rain" ?
Les Miserables Homoeroticism?
Your favourite Barricade boy
Was this really the long one?
The new 10th dvd
Intergenerational Les Mis
Lea Salonga in Hawaii
School Version
"Montparnasse," by Songdog
Something wierd I found
The First Meeting of the Philip Quast Fangirl Club
"Bring Him Home" in F
Topic which will likely Fail -- Compare Recordings!
Hugh Panaro to star in Walnut Street production
Hugo's beliefs?
Why is Haviland Stillwell so awesome? Here's why.
Tons of Regional Les Miz this Summer!
Drew Sarich leaving London?
miserables game
les mis in rotterdam
Les Miserables Movie Script ... GONE >.<
Writing an essay on Les Mis
Forum Cast
What Do You Like/Dislike About 'On My Own'?
Favorite Songs
Who Has the Better Butt?
Info on uprising
a silly silly question for people in the UK
Now you are here... again... beside me
Myself singing Stars. Feedback would be appreciated.
Les Mis-esque Ambushes
Quick Question about the Original Broadway run...
3NT alum Christa Justus dir. Merry-Go-Round Playhouse prod.
Can anybody tell me?
John Cudia cast as JVJ in the Chicago Marriott production!
Les Mis @ Hollywood Bowl (formerly titled Holy. God.)
Caption a picture!
What else do you do?
Lost and found and sexist!
question for orestes fasting
The Original Australian Production
Peter Risher?
Eponine: Desperate and Deviant, or Creepy?
The Shameless Fangirl-ing Thread
Random Pictures
Who Would You Like to See Play...
In the End...
enjolras&grantaire in broadway&london?
Sutton Foster as Eponine
Quick question about TAC...
Rumor control help? (just a quick question...)
ANY plans for a new U.S. Tour
The TAC to get a new Region 1 DVD release Feb. 19th!
Replace a Song
How well do you know the NOVEL?
Complete recording?
Does anyone know..
Young Cosette's outfit?? Please help!
Les Miz for first time in Portugal!!
Okay... what is this?
Breaking the bank, Les Mis style!
Les Miserables Broadway Souvenir Program
The nature of the ending
Can somebody explain this to me?
Am I Eponine material? (youtube video)
The Les Miserables application on facebook.
How did Everyone like the Final Perormance?
One Day More.
Mizzies (archive thread)
Valjean's Voice
Ice Skating to Les Mis
Favorite book quotes?
Watching TAC tonight...
It's a small world...
New thoughts on the revival
Height Limits
PRC translations
Video footage from Local SE
Qu�bec production
Help with "The Confrontation"
Mexican Production Vid?
Gary Morris
10th Anniversary CD Goofs
Les Miserables Song Elimination Game!
Four years
Auditioning for SE and Regular productions.
Probably a silly question...
Frances Ruffelle
Who wants to hear me sing?
2008 Tony Nominees
Les Miserables' Last Broadway Performance
Les Mis DVD...
Happy Birthday, Fantine!
Blonde Fantine or not?
Lines that bug you
Young Cosette age ranges?
What Is your Opinons on the Innkeeper in Les Mis !! -
The need to be Valjean-centric
Javert is the S#!T. Why he is the best character in Les Mis
Urgent and Opinon needed - Please !
how long?
You Know You're Obsessed with Les Mis When...
Orestes' Down and Dirty Guide to Broadway Les Mis Tickets
Joanna Ampil
Another Strike?
School Edition Productions
question about London
Does anyone own this?
Seeing Les Mis either this Saturday or Sunday.
Lea Salonga in concert with Russell Watson released on DVD
Keyboard Sounds
ONE DAY MORE by two guys
Les Mis on West End - ticket
Help with Les Mis class production.. Need backing tracks.
Why see it on Broadway when you can see this?
Michaell McCarthy
Ex-Les Mis actors to star in new Scottish musical
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