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Les Miserables

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"Lea" Singing A Chinese Version of On My Own
Productions of Les Mis you've been in?
Shameless website plugging (now with PRC translations)
Colm Wilkinson Eurovision 1978
Pit Orchestra
Hilarious remake of "The Confrontation" WELL DONE
Les Mis in Tokyo 2009
Do i stand a chance?
Les Mis in Copenhagen 2009
Ah, another BGT Mizziefication.
I feel really, REALLY stupid, BUT...
Totally off-the-wall idea, but hear me out
Autographed Canada Les Miserables Cast Poster on Ebay
Another Les Mis BGT Audition
Les Mis in LA! (Community theatre)
Les Mis Rhapsody
Book-Musical Question
Diffrent take on Bring Him Home
Happy Birthday lesmisloony!
Petit Gervais in the show?
Now I'm just uber confused :/
Which Les Mis Piano Sheet Music Book To Buy??
Les Miserables Student Edition First Year Players
Jean Valjean and "Confrontation"
Favorite amateur singers/Youtube Les Mis videos
Notre Dame de Paris Vs. Les Miserables
The BEST Les Mis Instrumentals you'll find on Youtube
Susan Boyle to star in new LES MIZ movie!!
I dreamed a dream
Totally random question about foreign productions
Les Mis in London
Character Help
Coestte - a novel
Quebec 2008 Recording
When is this going t be available for community theatres?
Concert in Jersey
Reading the Brick
Pronouncing Les Miserables?
Highlights CD
Les Mis / LotR on youtube
How Marius escaped the fall of the barricades
Canadian Les Miserables cast jacket on e-bay.
TAC - Goofs and Funnies!
Javert's suicide
"Little Fall of Rain" request
Les Mis back in Australia?
Les Mis in Oslo 2009
Top 10 Reasons to Wear a Trenchcoat
Article about the musical?
The Les Mis Cast Recording Elimination Game
prisoner theme
Best Les Mis Soundtrack
Hans Peter Janssens
Philip Quast Singing "I'll Be Watching You"
Simon Bailey - Gavroche and Enjolras?
Javert's suicide (not the song)
Barbican Preview Transcript (was: Barbican lyrics help)
Yet another song discussion: Stars vs. Bring Him Home
On My Own vs. L'Un Vers L'Autre
Another song discussion: Master of the House v Little People
Colour-blind casting in 'Les Miserables'
Neil Patrick Harris and jason Segel Sing The Confrontation
'03 Japanese live recordings help
Does anyone know who sings this version of On My Own?
Never heard before french recordings!
A Really Bad Idea
I Need Your Opinions!!!
This is Really Weird
This is Really Weird
New Movie...
Weird Video...
Forum Cast 2009?
Don't think i'll get a part in May auditions...
Looking for the perfect audition song
FRESHMEN... help me :(
Les Miserables: Opera or Rock?
French Recording
James Fenton -- what is known?
If you could have ONE SAY in the Les Mis movie...
Les Miserables 'Dolls'
Vampire Michael Crawford (an apology)
Does anyone know much about these two specific films please?
Les Mis '91 PRC recording help
Favorite Thenardiers
Favorite Fantine?
Best seats?
London Cast?
Hannah Chick as Princess Jasmine
Favorite Enjolras'?
On My Own
Les Miz in Southern California (Ventura County)
Carnavalet- "Paris in the time of Les Mis" exhibit
madrid video and funky barricades
Les Mis, the movie - confirmed by Schoenberg
"French Court Allows 'Les Miserables' Sequel"
Les Miserables Revival On Broadway...
Some Pics of the "Intimate" Les Mis in Arlington,
scans from London
Current London Cast - AMAZING!
Claude-Michel Schonberg doesn't notate
The Brick - Where To Buy?
Embarassing Question
Another London review!
Seeing Les Mis on Saturday!
Les Mis Abridged
Mini Les Mis?
A Les Miserables Christmas
New Young Cosette Cast for new production!
Norway les Mis
Anthony Warlow - Bring him home
Fantine: Voice
Susie McMonagle as Fantine
Age of characters?
Please Help Fans!
Question- OFC
Valjean's actions
The Barricade Boys Are Dead
Cosette's Solo- Let's write it
Montparnasse: What's the big deal?
What changes would you make to the musical
Les Miserables banners and Enjolras costume
Les Mis: School Edition Doco
List of Companies in U.S. able to do Les Mis
Listening Game
resident director?
OSCA production of Les Mis - Review
Me as Valjean
Valjean replacement
Pretty funny...
The novel: best English translation?
Song Discussion: Bring Him Home vs. Runaway Cart
Chinese "One Day More" in English
The Brick
Me singing Bring him home - VIDEO
A friend and me singing 'Regen maakt de velden groen'
You know you're obsessed with Enjolras when...
Song Discussion: I Dreamed a Dream vs. On My Own
Randal Keith- Out of Les Mis Arvada
"Your mother gave her life for you..."
Dutch One Day More
Just got the Vienna Cast Recording
Ah, the stupidity.
Jean Valjean
Signature Theatre to Stage Les Mis in Environmental BlackBox
Is the Les Miz US tour still touring?
Les Mis at the Ogunquit Playhouse
Student Edition - The Bargain ("Colette")
Thenardier- villain or victim?
Modernizing Les Mis
Wim van den Driessche's diary
Harajuku On My Own (club mix)
Your ideal new production
Lyrics question
Les MisBarack
Michael Maguire at law school grad (formerly: Enjolrases)
Has anyone else noticed how symmetrical Les Mis is?
Les Mis at Wolf Trap
Has anyone seen this yet?
Holy Sh*t
Original Translation?
Rotterdam Brochure Scans (picture heavy)
What's your favourite non-mainstream song?
Gavroche's identity...
Does Javert tell the truth about the second convict?
Manon Novak understudy Cosette
Rotterdam vids
Les Mis.... School Edition?
Les Mis Qu�bec ticket up for grabs
Les Miserables Video Repository
Les Miserables Forum Cast of 2008
Fantine: characterisation in an audition...
Research Help. (Please.)
Review of the current London cast
The Perfect Thenardier For A Studio Cast Recording
rotterdam: another review
Sexy Clips of Anthony Warlow as Enjolras
Paris photo request thread
I Dreamed A Dream...I decided to sing it!
Daphne Rubin Vega as Fantine
YOUR Dream Cast
You know you're obsessed with Javert when...
More Videos from a School Edition
I'm a naive newbie and need your help!!
Doctor Who/Les Miserables
Cast a show using only Les Mis alumni
Les Miser "stuffed animals"?
Les Miserables Guernsey
London new cast
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